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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Christmas Quilted Table Runner Meet Up


I know you all are scratching your heads....quilting at the scrapbook store?????

Let me explain.  Many of us are "multi-crafters" and over the last couple of years I have had several requests to teach you how to quilt.  I am by no means and expert but I do love quilting.  So, I have decided to do a BEGINNERS class starting with a Christmas table runner.  When we are done we can scrapbook our fun!

I have scheduled a "meet up" for Saturday, September 5th.  This is where we will discuss what the class will be, what you will need to bring, see the pattern we're going to use, and decide when we want to schedule the class(es).  If you are not able to attend please let me know you are interested and I will make sure you get the information.

Hope to see you there,

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